"Eventually all the pieces fall into place....
until then, laugh at the confusion,
live for the moment, and know that everything
happens for a reason"

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Another Moose and a Mountain Goat

Of all the animals we've seen out here, I think moose are my favorite. There's just something about a moose. They're huge, and kind of beautiful and very elusive. We've seen thousands of deer since we've been here. And that's pretty cool, but we have deer back in Alabama. Moose? Not so much.

And that's why I was super excited when we saw another moose on Memorial Day, coming home from Idaho. Paul spotted it down in a river by the highway. He pulled over and we walked back up the road to take a look. At first, he was in the water but then he climbed out and ran across an open field towards some trees. They are surprisingly fast for such a big animal and I'm sure he could run faster if he wanted.

We've also seen mountain goats...those big, white, hairy ones. They were really far away on a cliff but I tried to get a picture anyways. Paul has seen some up close, so hopefully I'll get to see one closer sometime, too.

Kinda hard to tell, but it's a mountain goat. I promise.

Now, I'd like to see a moose with antlers! And maybe a bear. I've never seen a bear in real life. Here's to hoping!

Love and Happiness,

Memorial Day in Idaho

When I was about 10 years old, my family took a Christmas vacation to Schweitzer Mountain Resort in Idaho. For me, it was the best vacation we ever took. It was the first time I'd really seen snow, like that at least, and the beautiful Rocky Mountains. It was also the first time I ever went skiing and snowmobiling. I fell in love with it all, back in the 5th grade.

Fast forward 9 years, when Paul and I got engaged, and my sole inspiration for our honeymoon originated from that one Christmas vacation. I've said it before, and I'll say it again, I think snowy mountains and fireplaces are super romantic. Anyways, fast forward oh, let's see, to day 2 of our honeymoon. That's when Paul and I started talking about moving "out west". And, you know how the story goes...fast forward about 1 year and 8 months and here we are.

So, for Memorial Day weekend Paul and I planned a trip to the place that started it all...Idaho! We planned on camping for 3 nights in Coeur d'Alene, just 20 minutes from the Washington/Idaho state line. From there, we were only about an hour from the ski resort my family stayed at back 13 years ago.

Now, we were excited to kick off summer with some warm weather and blue skies but oh, were we wrong! It rained the first day, and I mean a downpour, just after we got our tent put up. Everything stayed dry inside but damp, 50 degree weather, no sun and a strong wind makes for an unhappy camper. It got into the 30's at night and I slept with a toboggan and 4 layers of clothes on. Definitely not end of May weather that we're use to! Turns out, I'm a big wimp and Paul, being a kind and loving husband, offered to get a hotel for our last night. I accepted his offer and we only camped 2 nights.

While we were there, we took a hike around the lake, walked across the world's longest floating boardwalk, drove the scenic byway, ate wonderful food, indulged in an enormous Reese's sundae, visited Schweitzer Mountain Resort and took a sunset dinner cruise around Lake Coeur d'Alene. We packed a lot into our long weekend and had a wonderful time!!

On the world's longest floating boardwalk

View from our table

Sunset dinner cruise, a little windy!

Another wonderful weekend down, many more to come! Paul surprised me with an offer to go spend this weekend in Kalispell! Now, how could I turn that offer down!?

Love and Happiness,