"Eventually all the pieces fall into place....
until then, laugh at the confusion,
live for the moment, and know that everything
happens for a reason"

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Family Fun in Montana

July was a big month. But August has been even busier. There's so much to catch up on and write about and pictures to share! I just don't know where to start.

My parents came to visit Paul and I in July and we had the best time while they were here. Instead of hanging around Helena, we took a trip to one of our favorite places in the state...Flathead Lake. My mom found this awesome little house to rent right on the water with it's own dock and fire pit and porch overlooking the water and mountains. It wasn't far from Kalispell and Whitefish and most importantly Glacier National Park. We spent 4 nights in our little house and had tons to do while we were there.

We spent our first day driving to a hidden gem near Libby, MT. The park is called Ross Creek Cedars and it's one of the coolest forests I've ever been to. The drive there was wonderful, crossing mountain lakes and rivers. The trees are HUGE and so amazing to look at. I can't quite describe how enormous and majestic the trees are. After we left this park, we headed to Kootenai Falls for a short hike and spectacular views of the raging river and falls. After some huckleberry ice cream and lemonade, we headed back to our house for supper on the back porch and a quick swim in Flathead Lake. We ended every night with a bonfire and marshmallows before we headed off to bed.

The next day, Paul and my dad went fishing on Flathead Lake while mom and I shopped around Whitefish. The boat dropped the men off right at our dock and we ate fresh lake trout for supper. Another swim, another fire, another wonderful night on the lake.

On Sunday, we went to Glacier National Park. Now, I'd never heard of this park before we moved out here but I think I've found my absolute favorite place in Montana. We hadn't been yet, so it was everyone's first time. I cannot explain the beauty that is within this park's perimeter. Words can't do it justice and pictures really can't either. The mountains, the snow, the glaciers, the animals, the rivers and the lakes are amazing. We spent the whole day there, taking in the beauty of it all.

Overall it was one of the best trips we've ever taken. We were sad to see my parents go but after having visitors twice in one month, I was ready to get back to a normal schedule and back into our own bed (since all we have is an air mattress in our guest room).

Love and Happiness,

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